Friday, January 14, 2011

Eden Pavilion, ITC Sonar Bangla Sheraton Towers, Kolkata, India

Eden Pavilion, ITC Sonar Bangla Sheraton Towers’ 24-hour restaurant, presently, serves one of the best international multi-cuisines in Kolkata. Hotel ITC Sonar Bangla occupies 16 acres of beautiful greenery along with awe-inspiring water bodies. And separated from the hubbub of the hotel’s main lobby, Eden Pavilion is nestled just beside the banquet area.

Elegantly built, the restaurant is famous for its sumptuous buffets and a la carte menu and stylish but friendly ambience. Decorated with fine craftsmanship of wooden flooring and muted colours merging with dark timber glory is definitely remarkable. This gives the place a homey touch with sophisticated grace. Open on one side the restaurant overlooks the lush gardens of the hotel.

People go to a restaurant for its food and Eden Pavilion is bound to make everyone happy. The place serves more than 170 buffet menus that include delicious dishes that would compel people to visit there again and again. The restaurant even offers complimentary newspapers and light beverages as well.

Eden Pavilion strives for perfection and guest satisfaction. Whether its Murg Biriyani or Lamb Lajawab, Baked Paneer or Cold Cuts or even Bengal’s very own Macher Jhol, all are served to with special care and delicacies. The restaurant even offers wide assortment of breads (both Indian and Continental) and ‘egg-of-your-choice’. The restaurant also boasts to have a fine collection of wine. The food is fresh, amazingly tasty and of course nutritious. However, the most striking feature of the place is its décor. The way the foods are presented is simply breath taking.

Among desserts the Eden Pavilion, perhaps, leaves behind all other restaurants. Starting from Mishti Doi to Rabri, Gulab Jamun to Gajar Ka Halwa and Kaaju Barfi, Chocolate Mousse to Pineapple Egg Pudding to Chocolate Cake and Trifles, all are simply delectable. Not to forget the ice creams, fruits and the fruit juices of course.

Offering so much and some more, the restaurant is definitely affordable. Eden Pavilion charges Rs.1500/- per couple (approximately), along with taxes. The staffs are always there to welcome you and seat you to comfortable chairs at spacious tables.

The restaurant is drawing guests like honey does to bees. Good food loving people who like eating in fabulous atmosphere must come and visit this place. The staff is highly amiable and friendly. The place is open for lunch and dinner. The ever-present crowd gathered in this place, itself proves its popularity all over.
The restaurant also offers special privileges to the children who come along with their parents. There is a separate room for children just opposite to the restaurant. There are clowns to play with the kids.

Creating a distinctive fusion of contemporary elegance with traditional grandeur, the hotel is the perfect place to relax and eat. Eden Pavilion definitely is an apt place to spend few hours of peace and quiet with family, friends and business colleagues.

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